M. POISSINET entrain de verser son champagne dans un verre pour dégustation

Motivated by passion

Ever since he was a child, when he spent his days in the family
vineyards, Régis Poissinet has always had a real passion for nature.
So it was quite natural that, at the age of 14, he chose to take the first
steps on the road to becoming a champagne grower and producer.

Régis Poissinet Vigne

Over many years apprenticeship he observed the work in the vineyards
and the winemaking techniques employed by different producers.

He considered the different possibilities, the arguments for
and against, the constraints and the ideas in vogue.
He studied their impact on the vines, the grapes and
the wine, and finally forged his own opinion.

In 2011 Regis set in motion the cultural metamorphosis of the estate,
which is today in the course of conversion to biodynamic
viticulture across all of its seven hectares.

He is seconded by his head of cultivation and his son-in-law, David without forgetting a totally committed team, who are delighted to participate in this adventure that is as demanding as it is exciting !

Illustration Papillon