bannière de 3 images : baie de raisin du cépage meunier, bouteille irizée meunier (peinture) et bouteilles allongés avec gros bouchon tenu par une agrafe (vinification sous liège)

Cuvée “Irizée Meunier” :
The incarnation of the rainbow

In Greek mythology, Iris, messenger of the gods, symbolized the link
between the earth and the heavens, between man and the gods.

Irizée is the very first cuvee of the new era of Champagne Régis Poissinet.
And as our ambassador it perfectly embodies our vision, our engagement
and our values. Luminous, upright and free-spirited, yet solidly rooted
in its terroir, it transcends convention with audacity.

Bulles Irizee

From the very first mouthful, it offers a sensation of great harmony,
of oneness with this immense wine that glides over the palate like silk.

The impression in the mouth is unlike any other: delicate but generous,
saline and fruity, fresh and structured, subtle but with remarkable persistence,
Irizée reconciles us with all the paradoxes.

Perfectly balanced and outstandingly elegant, it charms with
its energy and vibrant verticality.

Emotion at its apogee!

Raisins Perles

Made from 100% Pinot Meunier, Irizée is a rare gem crafted from a meticulous selection
of the best juices of the 2016 vintage, known as the ‘hearts’ of the vintage.

The wine is aged for 50% in barrel and 50% in vats. The bottles are unfiltered,
turned by hand to stir the lees, and very lightly dosed (2,6g/l).