Irizée Chardonnay Vigne Bouteille

Cuvée “Irizée Chardonnay” :
The power of elegance

In Greek mythology, Iris, the messenger of the gods,
symbolizes the link between Earth, the sky and the gods to humanity.
Iris being the personification of the rainbow.

A vivid tone of shimmering gold, brisk and elegant,
the champagne Irizée Chardonnay will take you to
a universe of a thousand flavours.

It is very expressive on the nose:
notes of citrus, spices and roasted coffee, slightly woody.

The subtlety of the dosage expresses all the minerality
and salinity of its terroir.

Irizée Chardonnay

Made from 100% Chardonnay, this cuvée is crafted from a
meticulous selection of the best juices of the 2014 vintage:
known as the ‘hearts’ of the vintage.

The wine is aged for 100% in oak barrels. The bottles are unfiltered,
turned by hand to stir the lees, and very lightly dosed (3,5g/l).

Irizée Chardonnay Regis Poissinet

Irizée is adorned with the work of the French artist Daniel Castan which,
through the vision of a stream of light, symbolizes the invisible link
between the earth, humanity and the heavens.