bannière de 3 images : feuille de vigne, baie de raisoin du cépage Meunier et dessin de l'étiquette cuvée Terre d'Irizée

An organic vineyard
for Champagnes of Exception…

The vine links the heavens and the earth.
Its roots plunge into the deepest elements of the terroir,
and its leaves reach up to capture the energy of the sun.
And thanks to the painstaking care of man,
its grapes become the living fruit of this vital exchange.

Vignes Régis Poissinet

At Champagne Régis Poissinet we seek to
get as close as possible to nature.

We are attentive to our vines and ever heedful to their needs
in order to tend them in the most natural way possible.

Because we believe that it is only respect for the laws of nature
that allows the creation of champagnes
of dazzling purity and precision.